The 2019 Writing Competitions

2019 Competitions

We are delighted to finally be able to announce the results of our 2019 Writing Competitions. Thank you all for your patience.

The quality and volume of entries, not to mention a rather large technical glitch,  meant the judging took longer than we had anticipated. Please note that all entries are sent to the judges completely anonymously, with only a number to identify them.

Many congratulations to our winners, commiserations to those of you who didn’t get placed but please keep on writing!
And the winners are…


1st           Jo Sadler              All We Wanted to Be

2nd          Kim Botly            Hymn

3rd          Marie Gethins    Phantom Possibilities

Judge, Tania Hershman, said

“What I look for in a great flash story is what I look for in a great story of any length but distilled to its essence: a combination of a freshness of language, and the power of what the perfectly-chosen word can do, with characters who immediately come alive, leap off the page and demand that I read on to find out what happens next…Receiving a pile of stories to read for a competition is always a good window into the state of the nation – or the fiction writer’s mind! In this pile, recurring themes included goats, car accidents, marriage and criminal enterprises. Lots of goats.”

POETRY sponsored by Stroud Festival

1st           Anja Konig                         Still Missing

2nd          Anja Konig                         Happiness in Dark December

3rd          JLM Morton                       Familiar

Judge, Jo Bell, said

The judge of a poetry competition is a confessor, a critic and a comedy villain to be booed by the unfortunate people whose work didn’t win a gong. To them, apologies – especially as two of the top three in this competition are by the same writer. This may seem unfair, but I think the choice was a just one. The poems that won were refreshing, confident and utterly personal without being clichéd. There may not be any new subjects in poetry, but there are always new ways to tackle them.

MAINSTREAM FICTION sponsored by Katie Fforde. Judge Alice Jolly

1st           Elizabeth Loudon             All the Men Are Dancing

2nd            Issy D’Arcy Clark               Bitter Rain

3rd            Annie Smith                       In Real Life

Our Children’s Writing Competition entries are with our judge, John Dougherty, and we hope to be able to announce our winners before the Christmas holiday.

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