Tom Percival
Story in a Suitcase
12.00 - 12.45: Saturday 9th November
Subscription Rooms, George Room
Tickets: £5. Available from Stroud Subscription Rooms

Join author and illustrator extraordinaire Tom Percival for a whistle-stop tour of YOUR imagination!

After offering you few ideas about WHAT to draw and HOW to draw it, Tom will help EVERYONE invent a story—a story that will leap out of the wonderful (and quite heavy) suitcase of props that Tom lugs to schools and to book festivals all over the country…. when he’s not living here in Stroud, that is.

How about that? And then finally, Tom, whose fabulous latest picture book is Ravi’s Roar, will turn your story into a song because… well….why not?

Ages 4-7

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