In association with Stroud Valleys Project; Sponsored by the Laura Kinsella Foundation

Sunday 8th November, 20:00 - 21:00

FB Helen macdonald

“What science does is what I would like more literature to do too: show us that we are living in an exquisitely complicated world that is not all about us. It does not belong to us alone. It never has done.”

“Vesper Flights”, Helen Macdonald’s first book since her extraordinary and multi award-winning memoir, “H is for Hawk”, is a collection of forty-one essays, each of which reflects on an aspect of our human relationship with the natural world. Their subject matter is marvellously diverse, taking in nests, ants, hares, glow-worms, mushrooms, the migration of birds over Manhattan and more.

While they are often joyous pieces, full of wonder and curiosity, they also open our eyes to the parlous state of the environment. “Literature can teach us the qualitative texture of the world. And we need it to,” Helen writes. “We need to communicate the value of things, so that more of us might fight to save them.”

Please join Helen in conversation with Programme Director, Caroline Sanderson, for a very fitting finale to Stroud Book Festival 2020.

Chaired by: Caroline Sanderson

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